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To tablecloth or not to tablecloth?

If you look around the internet, there are lots of articles about whether to have round tables or trestle tables for your reception. The articles focus on who can talk to who and the size of your centrepiece, but I think they are missing a vital question.

To tablecloth, or not to tablecloth?

Most wedding venues have round tables you can use. These nearly all require a tablecloth as they are made from chip board. A few venues do have beautiful wooden round tables which you can use without a cloth. Trestle tables or long tables are often made of wood, and so you have the choice whether to use a tablecloth, or not.

So rather than thinking about what shape table you want, think about whether you want a tablecloth or not. Sound a bit odd? Maybe, but just sit back for a moment and think about what a white linen tablecloth says to you.

Of course, we will all have different opinions. For some, a tablecloth adds a more formal air. Think of the restaurants you go to. You know it’s fancy if it has lovely starched white tablecloths! How often do you use a tablecloth at home? Just Christmas day? Never? Every day? I know I only use them on special occasions (I don’t fancy the washing or ironing associated with using one every day!).

When deciding whether to tablecloth or not to tablecloth, also consider your wedding venue. If you have a marquee that is white inside, or your venue is painted white, using white tables with mean a completely white background. Some love this look, but for others having some wood in the room via wooden trestles/long tables can really add warmth and texture to the room.

Consider what colour your chairs are too. If you do have white walls and white tablecloths, consider inserting some colour by using coloured napkins, table runners, coloured candles or centrepieces with colour in/adorned with flowers.

So what vibe are you looking for on your Big Day? Adding a cloth immediately makes your event seem more formal. Are you going for a sophisticated, elegant air, in which case a tablecloth may be a good way to go, or are you looking for a more casual feel and maybe no tablecloth would work?

Of course, just to confuse you, you can always use a trestle table with a tablecloth……

(Photo credits; Top Left - Kreussler Inc, Top Right - Elite Tents, Bottom Left - Rockmywedding, Bottom Right - Lovemydressweddinginspiration)

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