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Make it "YOU"

I’ve worked with lots of couples planning their wedding décor. I love it when a couple has something personal they wish to includein their wedding decorations. I think it’s so important that every part of your wedding is “you”, even down to the décor.

So here is my challenge to you. What could you include in your wedding decor to make it more personal?

If you’re not sure what I mean, here are a few examples…….

One recent groom had grown up in South Africa. He didn’t want to use the South African colours, but he did want a nod to his background. We settled on using protea flowers within the styling as a subtle way to incorporate his roots.

Another couple had recently lost a dearly loved grandma. Lavender was her favourite flower and so the bride wanted to use the colour on the table and we used lavender flowers. The venue smelt amazing!

Maybe you have a hobby? It may seem slightly unusual, but one couple even had a mounted go kart in their venue, which was covered in fairy lights, as the sport was so central to them.

I’ve incorporated pheasant feathers for farmers, sprayed silver seashells for beach lovers, favourite gin bottles for gin lovers, claret flowers for Villa fans (no judgement please) and lots more.

So, how will you make your décor unique to you?

Wedding decor made personal. Gin bottle as wedding decoration

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