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What is self styling?

What is self styling?

If you’re thinking of doing your own decor, you’re self styling! Some people say they’re “DIY couples”.

Some people opt for this as they have the venue for 48hrs, so can set up the day before. For some people, they have a friend or relative who want to decorate the venue as a gift to the couple. For some people, it’s due to budgetary constraints.

What ever the reason you’re a self styler, where to start, and the amount of choice, can be overwhelming.

But the good new is, you’re not alone!

Firstly, you don’t need to buy all of your decor yourself. You may already have some items but are still looking for more. Choosing to rent your decor is a great option.

Three great reasons to rent your decor

1. It’s more eco conscious if the items are being used multiple times

2. Your prop provider will have done the hard work and sourced all the items, and have checked the quality

3. It will be cheaper than buying the items yourself (they generally have a poor resale value on ebay!)

How will you know what to rent?

I can’t speak for other prop rental providers, but when someone rents their props from me, I offer a full consultation, if required. This involves you coming to my unit where we then lay out a table with your desired items. We then play with the design, swapping items, adding to the table and taking away from it, until you are 100% happy with the look. I’ll be at hand offering advice and experience.

If you would like to book a consultation -

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