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The circle, the sign of eternal love.....


This moongate is gold and has a diameter of 180cm. It comes in 2 pieces, max length 190cm for transportation.

****A new look moongate is currently under construction! Email for more info!****

Hire £125 covered in mixed green eucalyptus

Rectangular Arch

Available in gold or black This arch stands 2m high and 1.6m wide.


It breaks into pieces for transportation., with the biggest piece being the rectangular base measuring 1.6m wide and 0.9m deep.

Hire unadorned £40

Hire adorned with greenery and ivory faux flowers £150

Crescent Moon

Fancy a dreamy crescent moon as your backdrop?

Height 6ft. This crescent breaks down for easy transportation.


Naked £60

With faux greenery £85

With faux greenery, a flower bomb, fabric and lanterns £150

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