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We have a range of candles to purchase for use with our prop hire items so you can have confidence that your candles will fit for your Big Day. Our candles are of a high quality to maximise burn time and reduce dirty smoke. Please ensure your venue allows bare flames. If it does not, please see our LED candles for hire.

Tapered Dinner Candles

Available in ivory, white or an assortment of colours, these premium candles have an impressive 10hr burn time. Avoiding the need to replace part way through your reception, these candles provide excellent value.


Standing 25cm high, with a tapered bottom to fit candle holders from 20mm to 26mm.

Ivory, white or coloured £0.70 per candle.

Metallic Gold and silver also available and have a 7hr burn time. Height 25cm, diameter 23.5mm

Gold and Silver £1.60 per candle.

30cm and  in all colours available. POA.

Pillar Candles

Available in ivory or white. 20cm tall with a 6.8cm diameter.

£4.50 per candle

Trio of Pillar Candles

Must be used with our trio of vases. Please note that a black smoke ring will form on the vase due to the diameter and so only suitable for a short burning time, i.e your ceremony.

If you wish to light for the length of the reception, please see our LED Trio below.


Available in ivory measuring 20cm, 17cm and 13cm tall, all with a diameter of 6.8cm.

£11 per set of 3

Large Floating Candles

Perfect for use with our trio of vases.


Available in ivory measuring 8cm in diameter. The water level should be 5cm from the top, prior to inserting the candle to avoid smoke marking the vase. Burn time approx. 6hrs.

£6 per set of 3


For use with our tealight holders and hanging terrariums.

High quality, approx. 8 hour burn time, tea lights in a clear cup. Height 2.4cm and diameter 3.8cm

£0.25 per tea light

LED Tapered Candles

If naked flames are not allowed, these LED candles can be used in any of our candlesticks.

Standing at 27cm tall, this LED taper candle features the latest real flame effect to mimic flickering candlelight for traditional dinner candles that won't burn away. Coated in real wax, these battery operated taper candles have a simple twist on/off function, with a 2cm diameter. Burn time in excess of 12 hours.

£2 per candle to hire, included 2xAA rechargeable batteries.

LED Pillar Candles

If naked flames are not allowed, these LED pillar candles can be used in any of our lanterns.

Our pillar candles feature the very latest real flame effects. Each pillar candle measures a slimline 5cm diameter for unique candlelit displays, and coated in real wax, they look and feel just like the real thing. Battery operated, each candle is lit with a warm white flickering LED to re-create real flame effects

For a single pillar to use with lanterns, we recommend our 20cm option.

Hire £3 per candle, including 2xAA rechargeable batteries.

Our trio are 20cm, 25cm and 30cm tall, all with 5cm diameter.

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