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5 Things to consider 
........before you start planning your wedding decor

Planning your decor can be overwhelming. There’s so much choice, so many beautiful things. Knowing where to start is part of the battle.

I’m sure you’ve saved/pinned lots of images from instagram/pinterest. Keep doing it! Save the things that make you smile and bring you joy, it doesn’t have to be just wedding content, it could be a flower you love, or a colour you think is fabulous. Saving images you love will help you/me understand your vibe.

But before we can get busy on the pretty bit, there are 5 things for you to consider/decide/find out, which will influence your choice of decor.


1. Round tables or trestles

If you have already booked you venue, this may already be decided. Some venues offer the choice. The choice of table will affect your tablescape. So how do you decide?

Ask yourself what sort of atmosphere you to create want at the reception.

With trestle tables, guests are sat closer together, making it easy to chat to the other 5 people on the table and it can be a lot buzzier. As most trestles are bare wood, it’s also more casual.

With rounds it’s more traditional, a little more formal.

Also consider the number of guests you’re having compared to the capacity of the reception room. Rounds take up more floor space. If it holds 120, and you’re have 50 guests, it’s likely that rounds would be a better option and trestles might feel a little empty. The opposite is also true, if the room holds 120 and you’re having 119, trestles may fit the space better.

2. Tablecloth or no tablecloth?

Once you know your tables, rounds or trestles, consider if there will be tablecloths on the tables.

If you’re having rounds, there will almost definitely be a tablecloth, but with trestles it usually a choice.

So should you add a tablecloth? Adding one will immediately change the vibe of the wedding. If you’re going for boho, relaxed, casual, it might not be the right choice, but if you want a wedding with clean lines and a more classic feel, it may be the right way to go.

Remember to check if linen is provided at your venue, and if so, what colours they have. You don’t have to have white or ivory. There are other colours out there, although they may come at an additional cost.


3. What’s the venue candle policy?

Venues have 1 of 3 policies when it comes to candles:

1. LED only – this doesn’t need to be an issue as there are some beautiful real wax LED candles out there. But, LED candles are NOT created equally, so choose wisely.

2. Real candles are allowed if they’re contained. What does this mean? They’re OK if in lanterns, or floating candles in vases, or tealight holders (also called votives)

3. Real candles? YES! Anything you want!

So you need to consider how important real flame is to your wedding day, and part of that may be driven by the time of year you get married.

Using real (whether open or contained) or LED will effect what to use within your tablescape.

If your venue allows real flame and you’re having a registrar, it’s also worth checking if the registrar allows real flame in the ceremony room, as some don’t.

As an aside - be wary of real flame down the aisle……LED can be better there from a practical, “we don’t want to set anyone on fire” point of view!


4. What menu are you planning?

If you’re looking at having a feast menu, or platters on the table, you need to ask your venue how many plates/bowls will be brought to the table so we can design your décor around it. We need to make sure there is space for the plates. All very doable, but it helps to know!


In addition, ask if there will be a plate on the table when your guests sit down. Or will there be an empty place setting with just the knives, forks and napkin? If that’s the case, you may want to consider adding something like a woven mat to bring warmth and layering to the table, to ensure it doesn’t look empty.#

5. Make it personal

Consider if there’s anything you would like to include within your décor. In the past I’ve incorporated shells, as the beach was my couples happy place. Lavender as it was the favourite flower of a much loved grandma. A rally kart, as it was the couples hobby.


If there’s something that’s important to you, lets incorporate it!


Once you have considered/answered these 5 questions, it’s time to contact your stylist/dresser or prop hire company as you’re ready to decide your look and table decor

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