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Choose your decor.........


1. Choose your candlestick

Choose from

  1. Chunky gold

  2. Skinny gold

  3. Black

  4. Silver

  5. Glass (fits real candles only)


2. Choose your bud vase

Choose from

  1. Pumpkin (9cm)

  2. Apricot (14cm)

  3. Black (14cm)

  4. Amethyst (14.5cm)

  5. Ripple (14cm)

  6. Dotty (10cm)



3. Choose your tealights 

Your choice to match gold candlesticks are

  1. Tall gold (11cm)

  2. Gold rimmed diamond effect (5cm)

  3. Tiny gold (3.5cm)

  4. Clear ribbed (3.5cm)

  5. Orange ripple (6cm)



Your choice to match silver or glass candlesticks are

  1. Large silver diamond effect  (9cm)

  2. Blue (mix of light and dark 7cm)

  3. Amethyst (4cm)

  4. Silver rimmed tiny (3.5cm)

  5. Clear ribbed (3.5cm)



Your choice to match black candlesticks are

  1. Black duo (6cm)

  2. Clear ribbed (3.5cm)

  3. Tiny black (3cm)


4. Choose your fabric runner colour - if you can see it!

  1. Ivory chiffon

  2. Nude chiffon

  3. Dusty blue chiffon

  4. Sage green chiffon

  5. Forest green chiffon

  6. Dusty blue cheesecloth

  7. Mauve cheesecloth

  8. Dusty pink cheesecloth

  9. Hot pink cheese cloth

  10. Burnt orange cheesecloth

  11. Ivory cheesecloth

  12. Burnt orange velvet

or advise of your colour choice and we'll try to match it


5. And finally, fill in form below to send details of your order. 

Online Order Form

Thanks for your order!

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